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During the commercialization of space mining, waves of independent pioneers journeyed to distant planets to excavate and profit from their rare and mysterious treasures. Known as "Rock Farmers", these explorers risk everything for a chance to strike it rich. Armed with a mining vehicle and limited supplies, the Rock Farmers made do with the resources at hand on their planetary bases. Many of them failed… will you?

You have landed on an uncharted planet. With limited resources and a mining vehicle, Dig, Build, Upgrade, Expand and Thrive.

- Randomly generated planet terrain (i.e. cave systems, ore veins, pools, biomes, "secrets")
- Upgradeable Miner Vehicle parts (i.e. Drill, Hull, Treads, Engine)
- Upgradeable buildings (i.e. Power plants, Factories, Upgrade shops, Storage facilities)
- Each building enables a function of its base (not all described)
> Power plants: incrementally increase energy charge
> Storage facilities: increase inventory space
> Factories: decreases resource requirements for constructing buildings
> Pumping storage: pumps liquids
> Bot control: enables inter-base resource transportation
- Bases (each base includes its own set of buildings, inventory, energy charge)
- Difficulty progression (requires the player to advance upgrades and construct new bases to sustain themselves on their planet)

Will cost under $1.00 during Alpha and $2.49 during full release!
I'll release a closed-alpha before release. Notify me via starlitestudiosbusiness@gmail.com if you are interested.

Install instructions

Download and double click JAR. Email me at starlitestudiosbusiness@gmail.com if any problems arise.


Rock_Farmer_demo.jar 15 MB


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1, the energy runs out too fast.

2, Should be able to go full screen to see the game better.

3,  Better controls, IE allow mouse or keyboard or both, as it is the mouse is too limited

4, a quick tutorial is needed.

5, found the first time i played i could mine up? and cannot do it since. Something is off, and it is probably me. What am i doing wrong?

Game borders on super addictive if not for things like, screen size, controls, and Energy Management(could be i am playing the game wrong)

i have downloaded java multiple times but it still wont open please help


Nice game, could be very fun and has potential but I don't like the "No energy=very slow move and no fly", I always get stuck inside caves with no energy like 5-10 minutes of gameplay. And believe me, I like roguelikes and games with permadeath adn difficulty but this is not that, you don't die, you just get stuck inside a cave, and can move and go deeper and deeper but can't return home and also this game is sooo bad balanced. Example: I find 5 coal and bring it to my base and get 100 energy, cool, isn't it? Well, no, because I used 5000 energy just to get the coal. That makes absolutely no sense. And to add to all that, found bugs:

1.- At the begining I thought it was a bug but I now think it is part of the game, when you have no energy you cant almost move and cannot fly so you can not go down to the caves cause you would get stuck forever and starve to death or smthng

2.- First time I realised I need coal to get energy I found some, I drill it and nothing appeared in my inventory (three slots available), then I upgraded the drill and won't work, coal not mineable. So I restarted the game and lost my progress


Just change the balance of the game, I have some ideas, one, you could make the energy not to be lost every second even if you are not moving, you could make the movement havea energy cost (and also that energy cos not to be 50 per second cause that would make the game unplayable as I said before, 5 coal found using 5000 energy) or you could transform energy just into another crafting material, you just spend it in things, also you could make the drill robot itself have a "Battery" part you could recharge in the Battery building and then go down, also when you respawn, you do it with full drill robot battery, you would just have to be careful of not losing all your energy but you must not be afraid of losing all your energy

 Whatever you do, try to expand gameplay time to more than 10 minutes, I like to spend hours playing games, even if it is a minigame or those "Build things an wait 4 days for it to be built" 

My oppinion:

A game that could be very addictive and fun if it wasn't for the annoying bugs and balance. Like I would REALLY love to have more than one base and have the last tier buildings and so but I can't if I use 5000 energy to get only 100

Over all i wish the game could go full screen... i like its a .jar no .zip files to deal with just run anywhere any location...

Just starting out i hit play the game stoped responding and im forced to restart the game...

im back into the game and its all good

im mineing i havwe some stuff, my energy is about to run out im asusmeing thats all you can do in the demo... it has amazing potential so keep up the developing as of right now theres nothing to do... in the future if it becomes a full expandable production game ill be happy to pay the 2.50 if i can see some reviews of it on YT... if you would like me to do a YT video for you on the demo or even the release let me know :)


hm.. interesting project, but is not very funy to play


wwell thats rude